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Stone Carpet Solution

Bring texture to your concrete

Stone Carpet is a concrete solution that is composed of small rocks that are layered over your concrete.  They provide a layered protection as well as giving a textured look to your  flooring.  Colouring is versatile and through a stone carpet, you can create unique rough patterns that would otherwise be unachievable with other forms of concrete overlays.

Concrete repair or new concrete

Choose from a variety of technics

Protect Your Concrete ​

Coatings are the ultimate solution​

Want to prevent damage to your concrete?  Do you want your concrete to feel clean and refreshed?  GTA Concrete provides services for application of special coating to your concrete.  This damage-resistant coating will not only prevent your concrete from being damaged, but it will allow you to add an improved look to your concrete.  We only use coatings that are non-toxic and do not harm the environment as well as provide the quality to make sure to make your concrete last.


UV-rays as well as heat break down concrete as well as cause it to expand. Cold weather often results in salt being applied to concrete that can be very damaging.


Heavy weighted objects like vehicles can put pressure on your concrete.


Chemical spills as well as large industrial equipment can chip away at concrete.


Often, pipes are placed around concrete and release moisture. This moisture can build up and damage the concrete around it.

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Decorative Concrete

Choose from a variety of styles

Want to enhance the look of your house or business?  Decorative concrete allows you to create a unique atmosphere and elevate the look of your property.  Different materials have different textures as well as distinct patterns that allow your home or business to feel refreshed.   They provide additional protection to concrete as the bonding in the concrete helps prevent it from cracking.  Did you know that using a decorative concrete can increase the value of your home or business?

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Or check benefits from decorative surface