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One of the most damaging and expensive repairs residents may have to deal with is foundational damage in their own homes. Concrete is the foundation of all modern buildings and it is no question that all precautions should be taken to prevent any damage to it. With so many residents living in the Greater Toronto Area, the high humidity as well as changing seasons makes concrete very prone to water damage. It is important to make sure your concrete is resilient to humid and fast changing temperatures. We specialize in all concrete work, including waterproofing injection to your concrete, damp resistance, and providing foundational drainage.

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Waterproofing Methods

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We use Polyurethane Injection to seal giant concrete slabs that are exposed to moisture. It is usually used for underground repair.

Cracks are repaired using a silicone-based injection that seals cracks and joints leaving the concrete as it looked like before. The advantage of this is it will not bubble or dry out, and is flexible to weather changes unlike hardware store products

This membrane is used around water exposed areas like house foundation and walls surroundings. Its formula is specifically designed to be mold and mildew resistant as well as to provide a good sealant to those areas.

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